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The team


Owner of EsthétiK, I am determined to make a difference and create the reference in esthetics in terms of quality, expertise and service. My experience stems from my school path; a bachelor in business administration, more than 40 diplomas in esthetics and a DESS in entrepreneurship and innovation. It also stems from my 6 years in the esthetics business, and an instructor job. My goal is to enhance everyone’s unique beauty rather than change it and to stay true to your needs. What motivates me is the human capacity to push oneself to accomplish everything one’s heart desires.


The energetic duo of Stephanie and Audrey are there to accompany you from start to finish during your laser treatments.
Stephanie has many years of experience in the field of laser hair removal. She will put you at ease during your hair removal treatments with one of the best technologies on the market. To complete her services, you will find Audrey at the reception desk, who will be able to help you with your questions before and after your appointment with Stephanie.



Is Well-being the fundamental element in everyone’s life? This is my deep belief. Taking time for yourself, feeling fulfilled, leads to confidence and optimism. With almost a 10-year experience in beauty care, mostly with my own beauty salon in the south of France, I am now honored to mix passion and technique to sublimate our dear customers at EsthetiK, with attention, rigor and professionalism. My mission is simple: listen to you, advise you the best way, and offer you a meticulous and expert service that you will not get anywhere else.


Every day I improve to become a recognized professional in my field. I love my job because each client is a new story, new combinations of techniques, a new test of knowledge and ingenuity. It’s a creative approach combined with a rewarding experience, but the end result is definitely a happy customer.



With my 3 years of experience in aesthetics, more precisely as a specialist in lashlift / eyelash enhancement, I am multidisciplinary in my field. Perfectionist, I particularly like to provide care that goes beyond the expectations of my clients. I feel privileged to be part of the EsthetiK team. I am constantly looking to improve my techniques in order to excel in the performance of my treatments. Besides aesthetics, I teach vinyasa yoga and I am currently completing training in massage therapy. Finally, I am in love with diverse learning without borders, because I firmly believe that the limits are only those that we impose on ourselves.



Graduated in 2010 in aesthetics-cosmetics, I first traveled through Australia for two years, while working in different Spa-Clinics. Back in France in 2012, I joined a professional make-up course, to develop the artistic side that has always been part of me. After obtaining this new diploma, I had the chance to evolve in the sales environment and to become a sales manager/team manager at various points of sale for an Italian make-up brand. It was during this great professional experience that I had the opportunity to discover the training environment, which led me to become an aesthetic teacher. Since January 2019, I am the one who trains and teaches women and men to become beauticians. I am convinced that we have one of the most beautiful professions in the world, we are lucky to bring to the women and men who pass the door of an aesthetic clinic a moment of relaxation, happiness and letting go. Today, I have the chance to be part of the EsthetiK team, where I develop facial care.



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